Below you can see some of our selected previous work.

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Johan Hari - Lost Connections

Course and App Created for Johan Hari's book Lost Connections, on Depression, where it comes from, and how we can address it.
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Sonia Choquette - Trust Your Vibes

Masterclass for Sonia Choquette's new Trust Your Vibes course, based on her bestselling book
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Sam Ainsworth- Addicted to Technology

Course on how to turn off your addiction to technology.
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Mindvalley: Jade Shaw

Masterclass for Mindvalley's course for Jade Shaw, Astral Projectionist Extraordinaire
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Mindvalley: Sonia Choquette

Masterclass for Mindvalley's course for Sonia Choquette discussing her Sixth Sense Sense Superpower
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Mindvalley: Paul McKenna

Masterclass for Mindvalley's course for Paul McKenna going through his program for Total Self Confidence, using his primary tool of hypnosis.
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