How we approach filming Masterclasses.

What are Masterclasses?

We think of Masterclasses as the high end blockbuster of online education! Whether it is due to a recognisable brand, voice, or face, the way audiences engage with quality Masterclasses differs from other forms of online education.

Leading platform Masterclass currently has 1.5 million subscribers, displaying a real audience interest in the format.

How We Make Them

We handle the selection of prestige locations, bringing in the best art directors and stylists, and making sure that from start to finish, the production quality is as good as you might find in a cinema. We have a wide array of spaces, creatives, and crew at our disposal, and the selection process of these is what we believe makes our masterclasses bespoke, and of such high quality.

The process of masterclass creation can take anywhere from 1-3 months, depending on the amount of the content needed and the schedules of the talent. Our process is meticulous, and is a collaboration between us and the creative minds behind the course or standalone piece that is to be shot.

Our Process:

  • Proper planning, with an understanding of how to bring out the best of what video can offer.
  • Structured and effective shooting, done by professionals, and with the best equipment available.
  • An efficient post-production workflow that follows brand guidelines and integrates creator feedback throughout.

See our showreel to view our Masterclass Work