Online education

Online Education

How we approach filming online education videos.

What is online education?

Online education, meaning anything that involves learning in a web-based setting, has transformed during the pandemic to become a major form of information transfer. Whether via online language-learning, private tuition, e-classrooms, career shifts & re-training, or tips and tricks for cooking or gardening, the way we use our electronic devices to learn has changed forever.

As per Renub Research, the Global Online Education Market will reach US$585.48 Billion by 2027.

How to Stand Out

There are now a plethora of courses, tutorials, subscription services, and educational content available online. The quality varies from highly effective to desperately dull. We believe that learning through video and visual media can be efficient, effective, and enjoyable for both creators and audiences alike, and represents a way to stand out in the market.

In addition, for learners who are dyslexic (around 15% of the population, and a good portion of people in the creative industries), video and audio in combination presents a great alternative to text-based learning.

We think good visual online education needs:

  • Proper planning, with an understanding of how to bring out the best of what video can offer.
  • Structured and effective shooting, done by professionals, and with the best equipment available.
  • An efficient post-production workflow that follows brand guidelines and integrates creator feedback throughout.
  • A model for shooting which enables additions or amendments to be made if and when they appear.

This structure can be applied to creating short content series, longer courses, and even training for teams or communities. It can also be applied to both the institution and individual level.

With our combined decades of experience, we love guiding our clients through this process, ensuring that the final result meets your needs, as well as those of your audiences.

Feel free to reach out and get a quote or contact us via email or phone in order to learn more about what we can offer.